Motivational Speaking by John Voehl

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These character themes from Lincoln’s life have proven to be powerful, inspirational, compelling and contagious for 150 years.  Infuse them in your organization with a presentation by Lincoln himself.
The difference between Motivational Speaking and Historical Presentations The motivational speaking presented on this tab uses popular present day corporate and life themes, illustrated with humorous quotes, incidents and stories from President Lincoln’s life that make these themes come alive.  Lincoln speaks in the first person, but uses some poetic license to make current day applications.

The following themes can be presented individually or grouped together based upon the host’s preference.

Lincoln the 19thCentury Diversity Champion Besides freedom for black slaves, Lincoln also protected Native Americans, favored women's voting rights, reached out to outcasts, and was criticized for being “color blind”.  Leverage Lincoln’s first person illustrations help to make your Diversity and Inclusion program come alive.
Deficiencies into Assets Lincoln turned his personal deficiencies (mother's death, upbringing in ignorance, superstition and scant education, hard physical labor, odd appearance, high pitched voice, fear, absent minded and depression) into his advancement and Union saving assets. How about you?
Good to Best Be inspired from Lincoln himself on how to transition from merely being a good organization to 'the best you can be'.
Careers Targeted for Middle and High School students, Lincoln tackles leveraging your education, experiences and character to identify, begin and succeed in careers.
Ethics His ethical behavior marked his life from his youth to adulthood.  Ethics strongly ties to other themes listed here.
Honesty Lincoln’s honesty is legendary, somewhat mythical at times, but real!  Learn how and why he lived that way.
Team Building For his Cabinet, he selected the best men for the job even though they had chosen to be enemies of him and each other.  In the end, he won them to his team and objectives.  
Perseverance Lincoln’s track record of rising above defeats and failures to lead our nation is inspiring and contagious. Deficient in education, personal looks, family prominence, business and political success, Lincoln persevered to greatness.
Leadership With no traditional executive experience, Lincoln’s Civil War leadership methodology is still our model today
Self Control Illustrated with positive and negative examples from Lincoln’s life.  
Innovation Lincoln successfully applied innovation to many areas including: learning, writing, his patent, new technology weapons, military science, leadership and methodical foresight. He's recognized in the National Inventors Hall of Fame.
Story Telling “That reminds me of a story” was Lincoln’s preface to many a difficult or humorous response.  How and why did he do it?
Integrity He lived by his guiding priorities and kept his promises, which made him great and saved his country.
Listening Lincoln opened his door to listen to anyone. While many thought he was wasting time, he thought it essential.
Forgiveness His success in forgiveness exceeds most standards today.  See how it can inspire and open new doors.
Humility and Confidence Lincoln had a rare balance of these traits that helped him to learn from everyone, but not be sidetracked by anyone.
Management Styles Lincoln did all of the following "mgmt. styles" before the names were assigned ... Mgmt. by Walking Around; Lead by Following, etc.


Here’s an alphabetical list of the private companies, government entities and schools for whom such motivational themes have been presented. Firms are located in the Denver, CO area, unless otherwise noted. Upon request, references and contact information for particular customers can be provided. American Family Insurance, Colorado Springs, CO
Castle View High School
Center Colorado Consolidated Schools
Comcast Corp.
Defense Contract Management Association (DCMA)
EDM Company, International Conference for Utility Line Structures
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Hamilton, Faatz & Waller Law Firm
Liberty Common School, Ft. Collins, CO
Lockheed Martin Corp, Space Systems Co.
Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)
Mountain Valley School, Saguache, CO
National Coal Transportation Association (NCTA)
Pinnacle Bank Group
Social Security Administration (SSA)
United Launch Alliance (ULA)
US History Museum, Fort Morgan, CO