Historical Presentations
   John Voehl is a Chautauqua Speaker for the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities.  Most presentations on this tab are done in the Chautauqua format. 
  The Historical Presentations listed below focus on what Lincoln spoke, wrote, or what were true of his life and times.  This is the historic Abraham Lincoln speaking in the first person.
  The Question and Answer sessions that follow any Lincoln presentation have become legendary, embracing unexpected aspects of the Lincolns' life and times
  This list is continually growing, sometimes based on a request.  What subject would you like Lincoln to speak about?
  Presentations that involve Mrs. Mary Lincoln are in red type. 
Timing Presentation Titles General Presentation Outlines
Seasonal presentations that are most applicable at that time of the year
Feb President's Day Lincoln talks through the 15 Presidents that preceded him,  describing their importance and his own connections with them. He also provides the highlights of his own 16th Presidency, including the Civil War, emanicipation and Gettysburg Address.
March Nat. Women's Month Anna Ella Carrol, adviser to Lincoln Anna Ella Carrol stepped beyond the barriers of gender and postion to give unique and critical advice to President and Commander in Chief Lincoln.
May Mother's Day Angel Mother Lincoln said, “All I am or ever hope to be, my Angel Mother made me”.  Which mom did he mean & how did it happen?
Memorial or Veteran's Day My Soldiers Waiting for, praying for, finding humor in, protecting, visiting, praying for, thanking, saying goodbye and eulogizing My Soldiers
June, Flag Day US Flags of Lincoln's LifeDay The number of US States more than doubled during Lincoln's life. Let him tell you about these newly formed states, slave and free, and the controversy their admission brought.
June Father's Day What was the legacy of Fathers in Abraham Lincoln's life? Learn of his Father and Grandfather, Lincoln himself as a father, and which of his four-sons also became a father.
July  Independence Day The 'July 4ths' of Lincoln life ... his passion for the Declaration of Independence, speaking at Independence Hall, Gettysburg Address
Oct Lincoln Ghost Tour All Lincoln things dark and mysterious, family superstitions, Indian Mad stone, Willie's crypt in WDC, White House Seances, funeral train, the several movements and attempted theft of Lincoln's remains in Springfield, 1901 coffin opening.
Fall, Elections On the Campaign Trail with the Lincolns Here about the issues and difficulties of his unsuccessful 1858 Senate and successful 1860 Presidental campaigns, in a deeply divided America.
Nov. Thanksgiving Lincoln's Thanksgiving proclamations setting the precedent for today's annual observation, the remarkable lady who asked him to do it and pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey.
Dec. Christmas in the Lincoln White House Experience 5-Christmases with the Lincolns (1860-1864). Learn how they spent Christmas; celebrating, giving, working to save the country and how they had a key role in the image of Santa Claus we have today.
Mrs. Mary Lincoln is involved
  Mary Todd Lincoln Early Years A first-person presentation by Mary Lincoln about her childhood, education, family life, politcal connections and life in the White House while Abraham Lincoln was the 16th Presidentduring the US Civil War. Mrs. Lincoln will appear in period dress.
  Childhood Memories Abraham and Mary Lincoln recall their childhoods, their family lives, tragedies, educations and slavery experiences
  1863 A review of the year 1863 by President and Mary Todd Lincoln in the first person.
  An Evening with Mary Lincoln Mary Lincoln in a one-act play, as she prepares to leave the White House on Good Friday April 14, 1865 for Ford's Theatre.
  Mary Lincoln's Trunk 1860's A behind the scenes look at Pamela Voehl's wardrobe as a Mary Lincoln presenter, with discussion of Victorian and Civil War women's fashions
  Mary Lincoln's Trunk 1870-1900 A behind the scenes look at Pamela Voehl's wardrobe as a post-civil war Mary Lincoln presenter, with discussion of Victorian and Edwardian women's fashions.
  Lincoln's Happiest Day Listen to Abe & Mary Lincoln's last full conversation on the evening of April 14, 1865, just before they leave the White House for Ford's Theatre.
  On the 1858 Senate and 1860 Presidential Campaign Trail with the Lincoln's Hear about the issues and difficulties of his unsuccessful 1858 Senate and successful 1860 Presidential campigns, in a deeply divided America.
Solo or Duo, these can be done by Abe alone, or both Lincolns
  Thanksgiving Lincoln's Thanksgiving proclamations setting the precedent for today's annual observation, the remarkable lady who asked him to do it and pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey.
  Christmas in the Lincoln White House Experience 5-Christmases with Abe and Mary Lincoln (1860-1864). Learn how they spent Christmas; celebrating, giving, working to save the country and how they had a key role in the image of Santa Claus we have today.
  Log Cabin to White House, formerly called Historic - the most popular Education Their varied experiences and his life long passion for learning. 
  Whiskers The wonderful true story of the 11-year old girl who wrote just before the 1860 election, saying he needed whiskers.
  Presidency Election highlights, inaugural speech, Gettysburg address
  Adventures with horses Abe and Mary Lincoln's equine adventures; on the farm, moving to Illinois, dating on horseback, riding the circuit in Illinois, saw horse trade, accidents, Ole Bob, Ole Abe, and more!
  Kansas Nebraska Act 1854 Lincoln's re-emergence into politics, Bleeding Kansas and how these events brought the onset of Civil War.
  House Divided 1858 His colleagues told him not to make this speech because it would ruin his prospects for political success.  Lincoln ignored them. 
  Lincoln Douglas Debates 1858 Seven debates, three hours each, with crowds up to twenty thousand across Illinois, but followed closely by all the US.
  1859, the calm before the Storm The powder keg that would become the US Civil War was quiet for most of 1859. Lets see what John Brown and R.E. Lee were doing before they met in October at Harper's Ferry. VA
  1860 Presidential Election Cooper Union visit in NYC, Republican Convention, front porch campaign, whiskers, election, secession and travel to inauguration
  1860 Growth of Territories and States in Lincoln's Lifetime Upon Lincoln's birth there were 17-States and the territories only out to the Rocky Mountains. At the end of Lincoln's presidency there were 36-States and territories stretching to the Pacific Ocean, together making the bondaries of the current lower 48-States. Learn how it happened.
  1860 Lincoln and his Asst. Secretary John M Hay Their history through Lincoln's eyes starting before Lincoln became a Presidental candidate continuing through Lincoln's passing.
  Presidential Qualifications & Highlights The 16th President lacked the resume credentials of all others, but he became possibly the greatest of all. How did this happen?
  First Inaugural Speech 1861 After seeing 7-deep south slave states secede and form the Confederate States of America, President Lincoln finally has the executive power to try and save the nation with his words
  The Emancipation Proclamation Learn of Lincoln's promise, purpose and timing, the bloodiest day in US History that allowed its public release, how he prepared the country, the New Years Day 1863 signature and its reception in Boston.
  Emancipation & Generals Lincoln's role and motives in freeing the slaves, the several generals he chose, the reasons why and what they thought of Emancipation
  Lincoln's 1864            Re-election Lincoln reviews the summertime national dissatisfaction with his war policy and the horrendous casualties, his own reflections on this dilemma, the military and election results.
  The 13th Constitutional Amendment Lincoln knew that his Emancipation Proclamation was just an executive order and was subject to the whim of future administrations and the public mood.  In Jan 1865, he sensed that time was critical and he tackled the opportunity to make emancipation permanent
  Second Inaugural Speech 1865 Unique in all USA history; when a victory speech was expected, Lincoln details what he has learned; God was right and both North and South were wrong.
  Lincoln's Last Two Weeks Lincoln himself walks you through the momentous events in his last two weeks, from the March 27th meeting with Gens. Grant and Sherman and Admiral Foote at City Point, until the Lincolns were seated at Ford's Theatre on Good Friday April 14, 1865
  The Assassination What did Lincoln know and not know of the happenings that night at Ford's Theatre?  Learn of Booth's escape, hiding, capture and more.
  Political History His first speech, political loses, Long Nine, romance & a duel, the Republican party born, and key Presidential speeches including the Gettysburg Address
  Lincoln’s Laws Besides emancipation and unity, his laws united a country with rails, gave virgin land to the poor and built universities
  Lincoln the Railroad Lawyer The development of railroads in Lincoln's lifetime, landmark litigation, expansion, political intrigue with the Illinois Central, Rock Island and the transcontinental railroads.
  Lincoln and the Constitution The Founding Fathers did not want to tarnish our Constitution with the word "Slavery". They spoke of it three times, without using the S-word. What does it say? What were the consequences?
  Lincoln and the Supreme Court Learn the evolving structure of Supreme Court through Lincoln's term, why it fluctuated between 6 and 10 Justices; how he came to appoint 4 new Associate and 1 new Chief Justice, and led a Congressional reform in the function of the Supreme Court.
  Lincoln in the Portraiture Lincoln poses for your art students to sketch, draw or paint, while sharing his personal history of art images.
  Restoring Peace to our Distracted Country Lincoln was given this charge at Independence Hall before his inauguration, and the charge remains today.
  Country in Crisis Based on the following sentence from his first inaugural: "Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him, who has never yet forsaken this favored land, are still competent to adjust in the best way, all our present difficulties"
  Lincoln targeted in Ft. Stevens Battle Hear of the only time in US History that a sitting President has been personally fired on by an enemy in a time of war (Jul. 1864). Learn the detailed story through Lincoln's own perspective, including the northernmost rebel victory.
  Battle Hymn of the Republic The remarkable account of how God guided the melody, poem and song to come together at the White House during the Civil War. 
  The Song of the USCT before the Crater Battle Join the Negro Soldiers of the 4th Corps US Colored Troops when they were notified to lead the Union charge in the battle that came to be known as The Crater (Jul. 1864), and how they created a song to express their feelings and mission.
  Revolution, Reaction and Reform The USA started with a revolution, then had a series of reactions and attempted reforms on slavery, building up to it's Civil War abolition.
  Maritime Lincoln's maritime history from flatboats, to Talisman Captain, a patent, Monitor vs. Merrimac, Hunley and CSS Hunley
  1st Colorado      Volunteers Lincoln congratulates the troops after their 1862 victory at Glorietta Pass NM and provides the status of the war in the East.
  Volunteerism Lincoln cites volunteer blessings in his life and the Civil War
  Lincoln & African Americans The evolving history of Lincoln's involvement with Negroes, slavery and emancipation.
  Lincoln & Native American Indians Lincoln’s experiences, protection, mistakes and compassion towards Native Americans.
  Kansas, Kaw & Lincoln Kansas was in the Louisiana Purchase before Lincoln was born and its slavery disposition evolution began in his childhood, and projected him into national recognition.  Lincoln visited the Kansas territory in 1859.
  Short Vignettes Lincoln snapshots in approx. 5 minute windows:  Goodbye to Springfield,  Independence Hall, 1st and 2nd Inaugurals, Dec 62’ Message to Congress, Gettysburg Address, Education, 166th Ohio, President's Day, Wrestling matches.
  Liberty Lincoln explores this crucial word, what is means to him versus what it meant to the southern rebels
  Moral Courage Lincoln said he had little physical courage, but had never lacked for moral courage.  How did that mark his life?
  Self Control Illustrated with positive and negative examples from Lincoln’s life.
  Honesty, Integrity and Perseverance These traits didn't just mark Lincoln's life, they were nearly obsessions.  How and when did they start?  When did the world take notice?
  Hunting & Fishing Lincoln’s experiences with guns, knives and boats.
  Jokes & Stories  Humor was his tonic for his own melancholy and a strong tool to impart his messages.  That reminds me of a story … 
  Dressing Mr. Lincoln This is a detailed explanation on the historicity of Voehl's Lincoln suit (frock coat, waist coat and trousers) narrated by designer and seamstress Denise Winter, with Lincoln as the speaking model.
  Life Stories Pick an age or year in Lincoln's life and learn what was going on in his world, through his eyes.
  A Theatrical Discussion Actors call it Character Immersion.  Voehl talks and answers questions about how he presents Lincoln. What did John have to overcome to be Lincoln? How did it happen?
  Teen Conflict Lincoln had pivotal and devastating teenage experiences, hear of his good and bad decisions, how he learned from and was shaped by them.
  Children's Stories Tailored to keep the attention of preschool and primary grade kids, these stories speak of Lincoln's childhood, children's antics in Springfield and in the White House, entertaining and teaching morals.
  Grace Bedell in NY, CO & Kansas The story of the little girl who told Lincoln he should grow whiskers, and her life story.
  Christian Testimony An Illinois pastor tasked a local businessman to go ask President Lincoln, "Do you love Jesus?".  How did he react and respond?
  Finding God in the White House Follow Lincoln's spiritual journey from Springfield, to the White House to God.
  Ballots to Bullets In 1861 seven slave states refused to accept the result of a free and fair 1860 presidental election. They seceded and started the civil war, appealing to bullets, where they lost at ballots. What did Lincoln have to say about this? What happens to a representative government, when the minority who lost the election, uses war tactics to overthrow the will of the majority?
  The following presentation outlines reside in the Voehls' thinking and outlines.  They are waiting for someone to request them.  Maybe your group will be the first to hear one of them.
  The Widow Mary Lincoln  Widow Mary Lincoln reflects on her life after the assassination of her beloved husband, sharing her experiences in a life filled with yet more tragedy and heartbreak. 
  Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln, their early years together They started marriage on shaky ground.  They were poor and unsuited in temperament and background, both with huge ambitions.  Who opposed the marriage and doubted it would work?  How did they survive?
  Mary Lincoln on Education & Politics Her father's perspective, her experience, her husband's compulsion, her sons' struggles.  What example did she set?  And expect for other women?
  What Slaves were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation? A study on "all persons held as slaves within any state, or designated part of a state, the people whereof shall be in rebellion against the United States shall be then, henceforward and forever free" What slaves were and were not freed?
  Col. John Anderson & Ft. Sumter This Tennessee slave holder took command of the US Forts just as South Carolina was planning it's secession convention. What was he to do? Learn the Rest of the Story.
  2nd Annual Message to Congress, Dec. 1862 Between Lincoln's preliminary and final Emancipation Proclamations, he attacks slavery, argues anew for gradual compensated emancipation including, "Our strife can be hushed forever with the passing of one generation"  
  Lincoln's New Salem Years He stopped there by accident for a couple hours, left a well respected man, then returned to stay for 6-years.  He came as a wandering laborer and left as a successful state politician, newly minted lawyer and fiancé.
  Lincoln's 3 Wedding Engagements Ann, Mary and Mary Ann.  When and why did he propose or agree to marry each one?  All three engagements were broken, one restored. 
  Lincoln and Dreams Lincoln dreamed in living color, remembered and sought to understand their meaning, knowing that God spoke to men in their dreams.
  Lincoln’s Melancholy His depression was sometimes debilitating.  But he learned to do his best in spite of his suffering and saved his country.
   The One Pardon Lincoln Refused to Grant   Although slave trading was a capital crime for most of Lincoln's life, only one man was convicted and executed for the crime.  Amidst great pressure to pardon, Lincoln refused. 
  Lincoln and Latinos He was involved and vocal in US relations with Mexico; Texas, the 1846 War, his Spot Resolutions, California, filibusters, Matias Romero, Benito Juarez, Maximillian III and the California Missions. 
  3-Sets of 3-Slaves who dared to change the USA 3-Slaves each; A. Came to Ft. Sumter but were returned to their masters. B. Came to Fortress Monroe and were kept and protected as Contrabanda, and C. betrayed Jefferson Davis.
  This Burden Lincoln suffered with the horror of the repeatedly shocking numbers and sights of Civil War casualties: the cost of saving the USA and freeing it's 4-million slaves.
  Fillibuster = a lawless military adventurer. Learn of 1850's Pro-Slavery mercenary efforts to get new slave states in: Southern California, Sonora Mexico, Nicaragua and Cuba, involving William Walker and others.
  Canada's Role in the US Civil War Canada, still a Great Britain colony was a safer home for many escaped slaves, the place where Great Britian staged troops threatening war with the USA, the place where Confederate agents plotted and executed raids into the US states along the border.
  Did Lincoln own slaves? Was he a racist? Lincoln defends himself against modern day accusations, using facts from his life and reports from the many interactions he had with African-Americans
  Thomas Nast, Lincoln's Illustrator A picture tells a thousand words, and through the scenes depicted by Thomas Nast, he was "our best recruiting Sargent", "the foremost figure in civil life developed by the rebellion", creator of the Santa Claus image and much more.
  1861 Transition from Buchanan to Lincoln What resumes, statements and actions did they bring to bear on the greatest crisis in American History?
  Lincoln and his Secretary John Hay Their history through Lincoln's eyes starting before Lincoln became a Presidental candidate continuing through Lincoln's passing.
  Lincoln's Sports In his youth he was never beaten in any type of a running or jumping contest.  He was a  boxer, and a wrestling champion.  He played town ball, bowling, fives and did unmatched feats of strength as President.
  Baseball History The game began, was defined, went professional and expanded during Lincoln's life and the Civil War.  He was the first President to play baseball on the White House lawn.