Mary Lincoln

St Louis, Ocotber 2014

Mary Todd Lincoln (Pamela Voehl) has transitioned from just appearing with her husband, Abraham, at certain selected events to being an in-character presenter.   Mary not only makes grand entrances and exits with Mr. Lincoln, sits in the front row of the audience during his Lincoln presentations, rides in horse drawn carriages, loves to dance as the First Couple, and interacts in character at special event activities…but she now presents!

An Evening with Mrs. Lincoln” is a one-act play focusing on Mary Lincoln’s (Pamela Voehl) plans for that fateful evening of April 14, 1865. She reviews her guest list for Ford’s Theatre, talks about her childhood and upbringing, her courtship of Abraham Lincoln, the heartbreak associated with her children while sharing her excitement for the upcoming event of the evening! In this 30- minute play, the audience will get a glimpse of the many emotions of Mary, and the iconic personality traits of one of the most “misunderstood women” in history! (See photo gallery album with this same title)

Mary Lincoln’s Trunk”, a behind the scenes look at Pamela Voehl's wardrobe as a Mary Lincoln presenter and discussion of Victorian and Civil War women's fashions. (See photo gallery album with this same title)

Childhood Memories” is a new a one-act play in which Mary and Abraham Lincoln look back on the similarities, contrasts, joys and tragedies in their childhoods, which marked the remainder of their lives.


John and Pamela Voehl also offer a one-act play “Lincoln’s Happiest Day” which features Abraham and Mary’s last full conversation on the evening of April 14, 1865 just before leaving the White House for Ford's Theatre.   They discuss their plans for the future – retirement from politics, travel in Europe, enjoying life with their two surviving sons. They recall the drama and heartbreak of the Civil War as it drew to a close, and how the country might be reunited. Tragically, their plans were cut short later that night at Ford’s Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by crazed actor John Wilkes Booth. This 30- minute play also showcases the wide and sudden swings of Mary Lincoln’s temperament. (See photo gallery album “Abraham and Mary”)

Coming soon… another one act play, “The Widow Mary Lincoln” (Pamela Voehl) reflects on her life after the assassination of her beloved husband, Abraham Lincoln. Mary will share her experiences and her perspective on a life filled with yet more tragedy and heartbreak.