Over 1,220 Lincoln presentations and appearances have been provided in 43-states.  Here are the future events currently scheduled.
Date Location Venue Presentation
11/18/2017 Manitou Springs, CO River Crossing Holiday Ball Lincolns Dancing
12/6/2017 Santa Maria, CA Santa Maria Library Jokes & Stories
12/8/2017 Santa Barbara, CA The Sanmarkan Retirement Christmas in the Lincoln White House
12/13/2017 Goleta, CA Mariposa at Ellwood Shores Gettysburg Address & Rest of Story
12/22/2017 Santa Barbara, CA Wood Glen Hall Christmas in the Lincoln White House
1/27/2018 Littleton, CO First Presbyterian Ch of Littleton, Seniors TBD
1/27/2018 Limon, CO Limon Heritage Society Happiest Day Play
2/2/2018 Highlands Ranch, CO Cougar Run Elem, 3rd grade Log Cabin to White House
2/3/2018 Boulder, CO RCI Valentines Ball Lincolns Dancing
2/6/2018 Evergreen, CO YMCA Conifer Extension Seniors TBD
2/8/2018 Englewood, CO Denver First Church of Nazarene Seniors Finding God in White House
2/10/2018 Westminster, CO Advent Lutheran Church Seniors TBD
2/13/2018 Colorado Springs, CO Classic Academy Children's Stories
2/15/2018 Castle Rock, CO CR Senior Center TBD
2/17/2018 Denver, CO Lincoln Club of CO Centennial Gala Ball Lincolns Dinning & Dancing
2/20/2018 Denver, CO Denver Sertoma Club Luncheon What Freedom means to me
2/20/2018 Boulder, CO Carillon Retirement Log Cabin to White House
2/24/2018 Golden & Denver Buffalo Bill Birthday Parties Hanging out with 19th Century Folks
2/26/2018 Littleton, CO Bemis Library Presidential Qualifications
Mar/Apr Santa Barbara, CA TBD TBD
4/17/2018 Littleton, CO Red Rocks Fellowship Church Seniors Jokes & Stories
4/20/2018 Monument, CO Monument Academy Separate Sequential Presentations by both Lincolns 
6/20/2018 Camarillo, CA Padre Sierra Church Seniors Finding God in White House & Jokes
7/3/2018 Boulder, CO The Carillon Retirement House Divided
Sep-18 Tucson, AZ The Forum at Tucson TBD
11/6/2018 Boulder, CO The Carillon Retirement Moral Courage
11/10/2018 Conifer, CO Pleasant Park Grange TBD