Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What do you charge for your Lincoln presentations?

2.     How long do your presentations generally last?

3.     At what kind of venues do you present Lincoln?

4.     My group has a pre-selected theme; can Lincoln speak to that theme?

5.     How far do you travel doing Lincoln presentations?

6.     Why do you have so many different Lincoln presentations?

7.     How long have you been doing Abraham Lincoln? And how did you get started presenting Abraham Lincoln?

8.     Why do you present Abraham Lincoln?

9. How do you remember all these Lincoln facts and connect them instantly?

10. How does Mrs. Lincoln participate in your the presentations and events?

11.  Is there a story about how Mrs. Lincoln started dressing as the first lady?

12.  What do you consider Lincoln’s greatest trait?

13. Why don’t you allow hosts to provide you the pre-coordinated questions to be addressed to Abe?

14.  What determines when you bring the various Lincoln props you have?

15. What does the host provide?

16. What added props and assistance does the host provide for the “Happiest Day Play”?