Testimonials and Recommendations

Is this the real Abraham Lincoln?  

Is this the photo taken by Matthew Brady in his Washington DC studio on Feb. 23, 1861?  

That was the day Lincoln arrived there, in preparation for his first Inauguration.

Some audiences are not sure if this is the real Lincoln or not.

What do you think?

Actually, this is John Voehl in a similar pose to the Matthew Brady photo mentioned above.  The photo you see here was taken at Gibson's studio in Gettysburg, PA. in April 2001, using vintage Civil War era camera, methods and materials.  The original photo is not on paper.  It's a glass plate, just as Brady used on Feb. 23, 1861.

“It is impossible to enumerate your contributions to Wyoming’s Lincoln celebration.  We enjoyed and appreciate everything you did.  Your passion for what you do is unsurpassed.  It was a delight to see you interact with audiences of all ages, and to gear your portrayals of President and Mrs. Lincoln to whatever group you were in front of at the moment.” - Rick Ewing, Chairman, Wyoming Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission 2009

"Thanks for coming in and doing another fabulous presentation. I told my class that I have had the pleasure of sitting in on 10 presentations and I still learn something each year! We are so glad that you are part of our curriculum!  We look forward to hearing from you again next year." – Jenny Bigbey teacher, Academy Charter School, Castle Rock, CO, Jun. 2, 2009

"What interested me most was the student reaction as you talked about how President Lincoln felt about personal responsibility and ethics.  It seemed as if they were hanging on each word and seriously considering it.  Role models are so very important and you made President Lincoln one that every person in the gym could identify with." - James M. Hughes, Principal, Stewart Elementary, Salina, KS 1997 

"Thank you for a great presentation today.  The children absolutely loved you.  You should come back." - Margaret Randle, Principal, Wheatley Elementary, Lubbock, TX 2008

"You taught me a lot about Abe.  I really liked how he kept his notes in his hat." - student in Merritt Island FL 1997

"We enjoyed your Abraham Lincoln presentation very much.  Your resemblance to Mr. Lincoln is amazing.  I imagine school children are absolutely enthralled when you visit with them." - Mr. & Mrs. Miller, USS Kanawha Reunion, Vancouver WA 2000

"You were a wonderful Abraham Lincoln.  We were impressed with all the Civil War information." - Gina Martin, Teacher, Lasley Elementary, Lakewood CO 1998

"I recommend John, who brings history to life.  One teacher said of her student, 'he had no interest in history, but after he heard John's presentation of Lincoln's life, he felt excited about learning.'" - T. Runyan, Vice Principal, Westminster, CO 1998 

"You and Pam (President & Mrs. Lincoln) were outstanding!  Thank you again for sharing your time, energy and talent." - Angela Rayne, Program Specialist, Hiwan Historical Museum, Evergreen, CO 2001

"John Voehl's portrayal of Abraham Lincoln is magnificent.  One feels transported back to the momentous days of the Civil War.  I unreservedly recommend John ..." - Pastor D. Williams, South Holly Baptist Church, Littleton, CO 1999

"My class of junior highers ... were captivated ... as if they had seen a ghost, the resemblance was so good.  The children were truly intrigued by the narrative of one of our most interesting presidents." - J. K. Ditzengerger, Academy for Christian Learning, Englewood, CO 1999.

"Your presentation ... was not only inspiring, but done in a manner that made us think we were hearing the actual President.  Your voice, your tone, your gestures, and your gentleness of demeanor, inspired the meaning of the message and left many with a distinct memory that may never be forgotten." - P. H. Kemp, Administrator, New Life Christian School, Frederick, MD 1999.