Celebrating Twenty Years of Living History with Lincoln!

In his first quarter century of Lincoln work, John Voehl has provided over 1,570 Lincoln presentations and appearances in 49 states to become a nationally recognized Lincoln Historian and Presenter. 

John utilizes over 90 different motivational and historically accurate portrayals which exemplify Lincoln’s virtuous and inspiring character traits, while making the persona of Abraham Lincoln come alive. 

Audiences all across the country have experienced quality time with President Lincoln … asking questions, getting answers and understanding the man, his time and his mission.  Frequently, audiences comment that they felt that they were in the presence of the real Abraham Lincoln.

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"As the 16th President, I was the first Republican, the first with a beard, the tallest, the first born outside of the original 13 colonies, the only one with a patent, the one who granted the most pardons, probably the strongest and one of the few poets."                  - John Voehl in character as Lincoln.